Type 2 Diabetes Integrative Nutritional Counseling (D2INC)

Diet is crucial for proper diabetes self-management. D2INC is a theoretically-informed nutritional counseling program consistent with Chinese medicine principles that also meets current biomedical nutrition standards. We are pilot-testing the effectiveness of D2INC in partnership with the Chinatown Public Health Center (CPHC).

Printable Handouts from the INC Guides

D2INC: Chinese Medicine Patterns
D2INC: Clear Heat
D2INC: Clear Heat/Dry Damp
D2INC: Warming
D2INC: Vegetable Lists

Diabetes FAQs

What is diabetes?

Here is a diabetes fact sheet from our partners at Chinese Community Health Resource Center.

Do I have to give up rice?

Try mixing white rice with brown rice. First, soak the brown rice for 30 minutes. Then mix half brown rice and half white rice in your rice cooker.

How do I eat well in a restaurant or at a party?

When you eat out, or go to a party, try to order or eat an extra portion of vegetables. Take leftovers home for another meal.

Is bitter melon good for diabetes?

In both Chinese and Western medicine, bitter melon is good for diabetes. It can actually lower your blood sugar. But, do not go overboard. Eat in moderation.

Is pumpkin good for diabetes?

Many Chinese people say pumpkin is good for diabetes. It is very starchy so eat it in moderation.

Is corn silk tea good for diabetes?

Corn silk tea may or may not be good for diabetes. Drink in moderation.

Can skinny people get diabetes?

Losing weight is usually good for diabetes. But skinny people also get diabetes and need to balance their diet.

Can diabetes be cured?

Diabetes cannot be cured. But, you can manage diabetes with a good diet, exercise, and sometimes medication.

How can I reduce carbs and still eat things I like?

Soup can be a healthy balanced meal. Be sure the noodles do not make up more than 25% or one-quarter of the soup.

Are some oils better than others?

Olive or canola oils are better than other oils. However, steaming is even better than frying.

Should I take Chinese herbal medicine?

Consult both Western and Chinese doctors. Buy from trusted distributors/Chinese medicine providers. Wait one hour in-between eating Chinese and Western medicine.

Want to learn more about D2INC? Read related research and publications here.

This content is not intended to substitute for medical advice – talk to your doctor.

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